Now More than Ever, the World Needs Christians

    A study released by the Pew Research Center in May 2015 shared that people describing themselves as Christians in the U.S. fell from 78.4% to 70.6% in the prior seven years. This alarmed me, and inspired me to help change this very disturbing trend. Unsure where to begin, I realized that the simple wooden cross I wore at church served as a comforting reminder of my Christian faith, and thought it could do the same for others. Thus began my faith journey of Stay Near the CROSS®.

    I realized that the presence of the holy cross – the most sacred symbol for Christians – can be helpful in sustaining our faith and its inspirational ministry. Not only did I begin wearing my cross more often and display one in my car, but, most importantly, I wanted to make this beautiful, handmade oak cross available to everyone, in the hope that you will join me in this journey to end the decline of the Christian faith. And so was born Stay Near the CROSS® – a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Christian faith through distribution of the holy cross.

    May the cross remind you and others of the risen Christ and your commitment to our Christian faith.  Pray that you Stay Near the CROSS® and stand before Jesus in God's glorious Kingdom.

    Read more about the story of this cross, see how others are displaying this cross and join the faith journey with your own handmade cross.

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    people are bringing visibility to the power of the holy cross

    A faith journey that supports and sustains Christian faith throughout the world with the visibility of this holy cross.
  • Displaying the Holy Cross

    There are many opportunities to Stay Near the CROSS, including wearing your cross at worship services, church events, or other significant times such as visits to the doctor; displaying the cross in your vehicle, at your desk or on a mirror or bulletin board; or as a gift for graduation, confirmation and more. See how others are using and displaying the cross… 


    A culture cannot be changed by laws, change requires a sustained effort over several generations.
    Change starts at the grass roots level … change starts right here with you. Christians today need to remind themselves of their beliefs, every day. Show an outward sign of your belief by displaying the cross.
    Start the seeds of cultural change.
    - Non-denominational

    "...The naked cross is the perfect symbol of Christian hope and faith in the risen Christ whose death and resurrection have redeemed the world from sin...."
    - Read Marc Gellman's full article about the cross, its significance at Easter and more